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How does SimpleQDRO’s service work?
SimpleQDRO has an attorney draft your QDRO based on the answers you give to a questionnaire we give you. We email your QDRO to you along with instructions for what you need to do next, which would be your responsibility.
Is your QDRO document drafting service covered in my state?
QDROs are covered by federal law; we can cover all 50 states.
What is the price to draft a QDRO?
We charge $399 per QDRO to prepare the document. And we will provide you with instructions for what to do with the document afterwards in order for it to be processed by your Plan Administrator and the Court. If you have multiple retirement accounts, the cost is $399 per QDRO, as each QDRO is different based on the retirement account. There are no additional or hidden fees.
What payment methods do you accept?
Currently, we are accepting all major credit/debit cards and PayPal as payment methods.
How do I get started with your service?
Click “Get Started Now” on our homepage to create an account in our simple web app. Once you answer our questions and submit your payment, we will generate the QDRO for you in 1 business day. Once your QDRO is prepared, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions for getting your QDRO submitted to the court and processed by the Plan Administrator.
What documents will you need?
During the process of submitting the details about your case, you will need to upload three documents:
  • Final Judgment and Decree
  • Settlement Agreement
  • Account Statement for Plan Being Divided
You may also email these documents to [email protected] once your questionnaire is complete.
What if I do not have an account statement for the plan?
The primary purpose of the account statement is for us to verify that all the information was submitted correctly. You may submit your questionnaire and other documents without this, but just know that there is a slightly higher risk of rejection from the plan if anything else was entered incorrectly.
What happens if my QDRO gets rejected?
In the event your QDRO does get rejected, just send us the rejection letter as soon as possible, and we will make any necessary adjustments at no extra cost to you.
Why is your service so inexpensive compared to hiring an attorney?
The reason we are able to offer the price we do is that you are accepting responsibility for some of the legwork as it pertains to the submission with the plan, and submission to the court.

Our service is $399 and we draft the QDRO and email it to you in one (1) business day along with instructions for what to do with it after you receive. You would be responsible for getting the plan’s (or plans’) pre-approval, acquiring the signatures for your ex and the judge, and then delivering court certified copies of the signed docs to your plan for execution.
Is your service REALLY just $399? Are there any hidden fees?
Our service is $399 per QDRO. There are no hidden fees or extra costs.
Is the QDRO you prepare reviewed by an attorney?
One of the co-founders of SimpleQDRO is a licensed attorney. He prepares and reviews the QDROS before sending the QDRO to you.
What are my next steps after receiving my QDRO?
SimpleQDRO will send you a list of instructions with your QDRO. Generally, you would take the following steps:

  1. Print your drafted QDRO and QDRO Addendum. Be sure to fill in the Social Security Number and Date of Birth for both the Participant and Alternate Payee.
  2. Once this is completed, send both documents to the Plan Administrator at the address provided, along with a cover letter requesting that the proposed QDRO be reviewed for pre-approval. This process will take approximately 30-45 days. If you have not received any correspondence within 30 days, please contact the Plan Administrator to verify that they have received your documents.
  3. Upon receipt of pre-approval from the Plan Administrator*, you will need to obtain signatures for the parties and/or attorneys, as appropriate.
  4. Once you have obtained signatures, submit your QDRO to the judge for execution and filing by mailing the QDRO (signed by parties and/or attorneys) with a cover letter to the court for consideration. You can obtain the correct address by contacting the clerk of court. You may use the included language below as a reference for your cover letter. DO NOTSUBMIT THE QDRO ADDENDUM TO THE JUDGE OR COURT! After the judge signs and files your QDRO, you will need to obtain a court-certified copy.
  5. Send the court-certified copy of your QDRO, a copy of the QDRO Addendum, and a letter to the Plan Administrator requesting that the certified copy be reviewed for qualification. This process may take an additional 30-45 days.
  6. Upon receipt of a qualification notice from the Plan Administrator*, the process is complete! However, you will need to follow any additional instructions provided in order to finalize the transfer.
My former spouse is not cooperating/complying with the QDRO process or is non-responsive. What should I do?
In this situation, you would need to contact an attorney in your jurisdiction to find out your available options. We are a document drafting service only and do not provide legal advice.
What if my former spouse died before the QDRO was completed? Can you help?
We may be able to help. You will first need to confirm that the Plan Administrator will honor a QDRO entered after your ex-spouse’s death. Most plans will not, but some do.
How soon will you send me my QDRO after you have received my payment?
After you complete your form and submit your payment, we will send you the QDRO in one business day.
Can the QDRO preparation fees be paid from the retirement account?
The QDRO preparation fees are paid up front and cannot be paid from the retirement account.
Does Simple QDRO file the paperwork for me?
At this time, we do not handle the filing. We complete the QDRO preparation and provide instructions for filing and processing.
Do you offer legal advice?
SimpleQDRO is a document preparation service and does not provide legal advice. If you have legal questions concerning your QDRO, you will need to speak with an attorney in your jurisdiction.
How long does it take to receive my final disbursement?
Realistically, you should plan on 3-6 months, but some Plan Administrators are much more efficient and can complete processing in as little as 45-60 days.
What is your refund policy?
In addition to providing the best QDRO creation service in the marketplace, we like to back up our claims with a solid guarantee. If the QDRO requires changes (your Plan may have unique requirements), we will provide unlimited edits until it is accepted. After using our unlimited revisions, if we are unable to provide a version of the QDRO that is accepted by the plan and the court, we will provide a full refund.
Tell me more about your money-back guarantee.
Please check our terms and conditions here:
I currently have an attorney handling my divorce or another matter. May I use your service to prepare my QDRO?
It’s perfectly feasible for you to have us to prepare the QDRO for you, separate from the legal services your attorney provides you.
Do you handle TSPs?
We also handle drafting of federal TSP Court Orders Acceptable for Processing. It carries a different name than a “QDRO”, but accomplishes the same thing.
Do you handle state and/local government retirement division orders?
At SimpleQDRO, we handle retirement division order for most types of retirement plans. However, some state and local government retirement plans are not subject to QDROs. If your retirement plan is sponsored by a state or local government, please email us your details at [email protected] so that one of our QDRO Specialists can review and determine if we can help. We will respond within one (1) business day.
Does SimpleQDRO handle CalPERS?
Yes, we do handle CalPERS.
Could you send me a QDRO form that I can complete myself?
Our forms are proprietary, so you may want to reach out to the Plan Administrator to see if they can provide you with a Model QDRO. However, we would caution you that the process can be complicated if you are unfamiliar with it.
What are your business hours?
Our core team is available M-F 9am to 6pm EST, but you may email us anytime at [email protected].
Do you have an email address?
Absolutely! You may email us at [email protected].
What is your mailing address?
If you need to mail us something, please send it to:

329 Lawrence Street

Suite 100

Marietta, GA 30060